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What Exactly is a Sewage Disposal System?
Simply stated, it is the treatment of waste-waters on properties not serviced by municipal sewers. Somewhere on your property lies buried a tank and a network of pipes. Waste-water from your dwelling enters a tank, and natural bacteria breaks down and separates that waste-water so the heavy solids settle and the lighter scum floats to the top. The remaining liquid then flows through perforated pipes or weeping tiles, called the leaching or tile bed, into the ground where it is further treated by bacteria and other soil organisms. Your system treats tonnes of organic waste each season with every toilet flush, shower, laundry load and dishwasher use.

!! Warning Signs !!

Indications Your Septic System Might be Failing
If you are experiencing any of the following signs or have doubts about the condition of your system, consider having it inspected:
• Slowing or backed up drains in your home
• Spongy spots on or near the leaching bed
• Sewage on the ground or near the bed
• Odor in the basement or outside
• Poor well or surface water quality

What are other signs that there may be a problem?
Answering “yes” to any one of the following questions is a good indication that you may have a problem with your septic system.
• Has it been three years or more since the system was serviced by a licensed sewage hauler?
• Has the grass over or near your system browned in spots or areas, causing the soil to become damp and
   clogged with sludge or scum?
• Has sewage ever backed up into the plumbing fixtures inside of your dwelling?
• Has the septic system area been paved over, or have shrubs/trees/gardens been planted, or have hot
   tubs/spas/pools been installed in a way that could be interfering with the septic tank or tile bed?

If you have answered “yes” to any of the above, please contact the professionals of A-1 Septic Pumping today for service.