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Our Inspection Process

When we inspect your system, we will…
•  Visually examine lids for cracks, breakage, missing handles, etc.
•  Establish depth of sludge accumulations to determine degree of past maintenance.
•  Determine whether sewage is too high or low in the tank.
•  Complete a flow test to ensure that sewage is incoming and outgoing at an acceptable rate.
•  Investigate whether sewage is returning to the tank from leach field/tile bed.
•  Visually examine tank for problems such as inlet baffles, outlet pipes, baffles, cracks, etc., and we will take photos of any problems we find
•  Walk the tile bed and visually establish whether there are any wet spots, puddling, etc. (This will depend on
    weather conditions, to be established by a professional if there is a problem.)
•  Provide client with an invoice and a full written report (complete with a sketch of the system with approximate
    locations of components).
•  Pump out the septic tank (optional, extra fees apply

Note: Inspections are not just for real estate sales and must be performed by a licensed technician.
A-1 Septic is fully licensed and insured to perform all of your Septic Inspection and Pumping needs.

As you prepare for your inspection, please remember these three things:
  1. Tank lids need to be accessible
  2. Tanks must not be pumped or cleaned prior to inspection
  3. All inspections must be paid for via Visa or Mastercard