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Trying to locate your tank? Follow the below-mentioned steps.


  • Locate the main drain (4” black PVC pipe leaving the foundation) to find out which side of the house the tank is positioned.

  • Estimating the depth of the main drain from the surface will help you determine the depth of the tank.

  • Use a piece of rebar or something strong that you can hammer into the ground.

  • Hammer a piece of rebar into the ground at approximately 6” intervals. When you hit the concrete, move the rebar a couple of inches and hammer again. Make sure you are not hitting some large stone instead of the concrete tank.

  • Locate the concrete tank and all four corners using the rebar. Determining if the tank is placed horizontally or vertically from your home is important.

  • Try to locate the tank lid with the help of the drawing below. Your tank should be approximately 4” x 8”.

  • Uncover the entire lid so that the technician can remove it and clean your septic tank.

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