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Locating Your Tank
Follow these guidelines to help you pinpoint the location of your septic system.

•  Find the main drain (4” black PVC pipe leaving the foundation) to establish which side of the house your    tank is on.
•  Estimate the depth of the main drain from the grass (grade of the property)—this will indicate the depth of your    tank.
•  Get a piece of rebar or something strong that you can hammer into the ground.
•  Start hammering into the ground at approximately 6” intervals until you hit concrete. Move the rebar a couple of    inches to ensure you are not hitting a large stone instead of the concrete tank.
•  Dig down until you locate the concrete tank. Utilizing the rebar again, try to locate all four corners of the tank.    This will let you know which way the tank has been installed, either horizontally or vertically to your home.
•  Once you have the four corners established (your tank should be approximately 4’ x 8’, the size of a small pool    table), use the drawings of different tank styles below to help you determine where your septic tank lid is    located.
•  Ensure that the entire lid is uncovered (you will see its outline in the concrete) so that the technician can    remove the lids and begin the process of cleaning your septic tank.
•  Call A-1 Septic, and we can generally service your septic tank within one or two days. If you call early in the    morning (between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM), we may be able to arrive that same day.

For additional questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact A-1 Septic Pumping.