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A-1 Septic Pumping is your one-stop company for septic tank pumping service in Northern GTA and surrounding areas. A well-maintained septic system is required to ensure the removal of wastewater from your bathtub, toilets, drains and washing machines. Your septic tank not only contains this wastewater but also contains the bacteria to break down the solids that flow into the tank. When problems occur with the system, the bacteria and solids can escape to the surface, creating an environmental hazard. 

As a part of our Septic Maintenance Program, we will advise you on when to schedule your next septic pump out based on your lifestyle and usage.  Contact us now to get started.


  1. Friendly and Professional Dispatchers will help you schedule a service on a day that works for you.

  2. Our service technicians will arrive at your location and will perform a FREE Visual Inspection of your system.

    • We ask that your tanks be easily accessible, and the lids be uncovered. If you are unable to uncover your lids, we can provide this as an additional service.

  3. Advice on how to maintain your system and when to book your next pump out as part of our Septic Maintenance Program.

  4. Accommodating payment options, whether it be Credit Card, E-transfer, or Cash – what works for you, works for us.

  5. Email reminder before your next scheduled pump-out date – giving you peace of mind when it comes to the maintenance of your septic tank and a reminder of the Do’s and Don’ts of Septic Care.

A four-inch suction pipe inserted into a home septic tank, suction of household wastewater


For a healthy and functional septic system, get your tank pumped regularly.

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