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Waste treatment tank or septic tank


We offer the following forms of inspections:

  • Free Visual Inspection with each pump out to ensure your system is working as intended.

  • Township Inspections when requested by the town.

  • Inspections for Real Estate – when buying a home, banks often require a septic inspection by a licensed technician.



Do not leave it to the last minute. Call your A-1 team for your A-1 Inspection. From examining the flow of sewage to determining if the tank is intact and in working condition, we make sure to check each aspect of the septic system. Contact us now to schedule a septic inspection performed by certified technicians.

New residential septic tank installation


  • Examine the tank lids for cracks, breakage, missing handle, or any sort of damage.

  • Examine the sludge depth to determine the extent of past maintenance.

  • Determine the sewage level in the tank.

  • Conduct a flow test to check the inflow and outflow of sewage.

  • Check if sewage is returning to the tank.

  • Examine the tanks for cracks, baffles, outlet pipes, and other potential problems.

  • Check if the tile bed has any wet spots or puddling.

  • Provide you with a full report and invoice.

  • Pumping the septic tank, if required.

Please note: 

The tank must not have been pumped prior to inspection, and the lids must be accessible.

Inspections must be performed by a licensed technician.

Inspections must be paid by Visa or Mastercard.

Image of a septic tank grease trap for home use to help collect light liquids


We conduct septic tank inspections for real estate purchase purposes.

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