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905 939 4693

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Welcome to A-1 Septic Pumping

You want your septic system
fixed immediately when you realize there’s a problem. Call A-1 Septic Pumping as soon as the problem starts, and we will get your septic system working properly and repair it so the problem doesn’t happen again.

We are the people to call when you have a septic tank backup, broken or malfunctioning pump, need your septic tank located, or want a septic inspection prior to moving into a new home.
A-1 Septic Pumping is a family-owned and operated business with over 20+ years of friendly, attentive service, and we guarantee competitive rates.
When A-1 Septic Pumping services or repairs your system, you can count on us to be punctual, professional, ethical and trustworthy.

A-1 Septic Pumping is a member of the Ontario Onsite Waste-water Association and is licensed by the Ministry of Housing and the Ministry of the Environment.

Call us today 905 939 4693 or click to schedule an appointment.